Our Story


Nervous ticks is a family based company with a strong love for the environment and the Maine outdoors. We started this company with the thought that there has to be a more comfortable, safe, atmosphere to enjoy while being outside in our own backyard. With many of our immediate family members, including my wife and daughter who contracted Lyme disease along with our family horse and dog who also contracted not only Lyme, but anaplasmosis, we had to find a manageable way to prevent this from happening.

We created Nervous Ticks, a company that uses a blend of essential oils to stop not only ticks, but fleas and mosquitoes as well from entering and infesting lawns. Our treatment is pet friendly, family safe, and it doesn’t harm the environment. We use battery powered sprayers as to limit our carbon footprint on our environment. We hope you join our growing list of customers to stop the ongoing spread of tick borne diseases while also ridding the environment of unnecessary chemicals. Nervous Ticks company means you don’t have to be nervous about going outside.