Tick Borne Diseases to be Aware Of

Lyme disease: Lyme disease is the most common of the tick-borne diseases. In 2014 the Maine CDC reported 1,395 confirmed cases in the state, this represents a state case rate of 105.3 cases per 100,000 persons. By 2017 this number increased by 28 percent.

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(Pictured above is the United States, Maine is highlighted in red indicating the forecasted prevalence of Lyme is 10-100%)

Anaplasmosis: In 2014, 191 cases of anaplasmosis were reported in Maine. This is a growing veterinary problem as well, dogs develop fever, joint pains, and lack of appetite, and ataxia are seen in horses. This is increasing and is continuing to spread throughout Maine.

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(Pictured above is a map of the United States, Maine is highlighted in red indicated the forecasted prevalence of Anaplasmosis is 10-100%)

Babesiosis: This is a fairly common disease along southern New England and on Long Island for decades, It is now showing up in Maine. In 2014 42 cases were reported within the state.

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(Pictured above is an informative sheet about Babesiosis)